15 Jan 2021

REU Penn Chemistry REU

University of Pennsylvania – Posted by acsgetexperience Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Job Description

The Penn Chemistry research areas span a significant space across catalysis: method development, catalyst  development, and synthetic applications, as well as extension into molecular dynamics and beyond. CatResDev will expose REU students to high throughput experimentation (HTE) techniques that are unique to Penn Chemistry and currently in high demand. CatResDev will provide REU students research and professional development training to prepare them for advanced degrees in STEM. The major focus of the research is on catalysis, which allows chemical processes to occur more efficiently and in a more environmentally sound manner, thus saving time and money.  The research conducted is anticipated to have positive impacts in diverse chemistry-based sectors of the United States economy, including those involving pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, while having a favorable effect on sustainable energy and the environmentally sound production of all manner of materials as well.

How to Apply

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Job Categories: Materials Science, Organic Chemistry, Other, Physical Chemistry, and Renewable Energy/Sustainability. Job Types: REU. Salaries: Paid.

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