25 Nov 2019

REU University of Southern Mississippi REU: Polymer Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymer Science & Engineering – Posted by acsgetexperience Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States

Job Description

The grand challenges of the 21st century will require new and sustainable approaches to polymer materials development. Scientists will need to work in increasingly complex, interdisciplinary teams that address not only the technical challenges but also the environmental and global impacts of their research. The REU site at USM will develop sustainable approaches to polymer materials development to meet critical societal needs. Participants will be engaged in fundamental research projects that span the complex, interdisciplinary facets of materials sustainability, including polymer synthesis from renewable sources, materials with enhanced properties and lifetime, materials to improve utilization of natural resources, reduced energy polymer processes, and biodegradable materials, while gaining the tools to assess the environmental impact of new material development. The Polymer Science program at Southern Miss is a world-recognized leader in innovation of polymer, nanocomposite and nanoparticle research and development activities.

How to Apply

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Job Categories: Nanoscience, Opportunities for non-U.S. citizens, Other, Polymer Chemistry, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and Renewable Energy/Sustainability. Job Types: REU. Salaries: Paid.

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