15 Jan 2021

REU UT Chemistry’s REU Summer Program

University of Tennessee Knoxville – Posted by acsgetexperience Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Job Description

UT Chemistry’s 10-week REU program carefully devised as a comprehensive initial research experience to provide participating students with the diverse skills necessary to pursue a career and further education in the field of chemistry. The program offers research spanning the traditional fields of chemistry, and additionally benefits from collaborative efforts that impart a broad range of skills. While the research experience is the primary component, the program will also provide comprehensive training such as interactive ethics course and professional development training exercises including the preparation of personal career documents, interactions with researchers from both industry and nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory, interactive panel discussions, and seminar series

How to Apply

To apply to this opportunity, please visit this website.

Job Categories: Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Other, and Renewable Energy/Sustainability. Job Types: REU. Salaries: Paid.

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